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Design and Analysis of an Institutional Building

Jaya Engineering College, Chennai, TamilNadu , India

Jaya Engineering College, Chennai, TamilNadu , India


Institutional are the store house of knowledge development. They are a big source of developing knowledge. It provides a clear path for students to achieve in life. Number of students gets gravitation every year and starts their career. In addition, the learn more about the society, culture and responsibility. The aim of the project is to analyze and design of an institutional building provisions. A lay out plan of the proposed building is drawn by using AUTO CADD 2010.The structure consist of ground floor plus three floors. The planning is done as per Indian standard code provisions. The building frames are analyzed using the various text books. Using this so many standard books analysis of bending moment, shear force, deflection, end moments and foundation reactions are calculated. The structure was analyzed using STAAD.ProV8i.